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After you make your appointment, the last and final step is to visit our office for your physician's evaluation.

MM Evaluation - Step 1

Check Status

Check the status of your application with AZ Dept. of Health Services.You will need your Application ID (AZQP #) which can be found in the email sent to you. • My Status


The fee to get a medical marijuana card consists of two parts;

  1. Physician’s appointment – We have two options to meet your specific needs:
    • BASIC:  $95.00, aprx 10 minutes with the doctor; iincludes physician examination and medical marijuana physician certification form.
      Application processing optional $25.00.
    • COMPREHENSIVE: $150.00, aprx 20 minutes with the doctor; includes physician examination, medical marijuana certification form, cannabis education and personal therapeutic recommendation/update and, application processing.
  2. State filing fee; $150 or $75 for those patients on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program * (aka Food Stamps)

Additional fee:

  1. In-house pain management evaluation:  $50, for NEW** patients with a chronic pain condition WITHOUT records in the past 12 months or Returning patients who wish to renew their medical marijuana card will need an updated in-house pain management evaluation if it has been greater than 12 months since you saw one of our doctors.

CASH only accepted at SWMMEC for all services & products
CREDIT / DEBIT (MasterCard & Visa only) required for State Fee

We offer Veterans, Seniors (over age of 65) and Disability discounts.

* If you are on food stamps (SNAP) you will need to bring your current EBT card with your name on it. If your EBT card does not have your name on it, you will need to bring your approval letter that has your name on it.

* *New patient =  New to our facility regardless if you have a medical marijuana card or not

All patients should bring the following to their appointment:  a) Az State Issued driver’s license or state ID card b) Valid US passport in lieu of driver’s license or ID and c) current Az Medical Marijuana card (for renewing patients)

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