Dispensary Applications

Well It’s a wrap !  The Az Dept of Health Services received 484 applications for only 126 potential dispensary licenses.  At $5,000 / application the state just made $2.4 million !

The applications will be reviewed for content over the next few months and licenses will be awarded on August 7th.  Some areas received as many as 16 applications and 27 areas did not receive any.  A random drawing will be held on the 7th for those ares that received more than one.  This is very unfortunate as I believe the award of a license should be based on merit and not luck.

What do you think?

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One Response to Dispensary Applications

  1. Dennis says:

    First, let me say congratulations to Dr. Burns for being the first in the state to acquire an AAMC certification, and express my gratitude for your time and efforts in taking an active and professional position within the Prop 203 community.

    In response to the state randomly awarding licenses to dispensary applicants, I too am appalled. To me, it is a recipe for disaster.

    The state has generated more than enough on patient fees alone to justify the cost and time it would take to ensure a successful and professional distribution program. The only reason I can think of the state would do it this way is a lack of willingness to treat medical cannabis as a serious form of treatment.

    Look at what is already happening. Most of the collectives and compassion clubs I have seen have a serious lack of professionalism. I have seen employees wearing Bob Marley T-shirts instead of professional attire, friends of employees just hanging out, a complete lack of knowledge of their own products as related to a patients condition and even dosing recommendations are foreign ideas to them.

    A serious patient doesn’t want to hear a dispensary employee tell them that they should try a certain strain because “it’s the bomb”. My pharmacist is professional in all aspects and I can get good information from her. That’s how a dispensary should be run and we wont get that by simply picking a name off of a list of those who had $5,000 and the desire for a “really cool job”.

    We need to loose the party attitude and gain a modem of professionalism in order to achieve respect in this new industry. We are what we portray in the eyes of the public and the state.

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